Which ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Actor Is Moving Behind the Camera?

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on July 14, 2013
Winsor Harmon

I miss Winsor Harmon on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Do you know what he is doing these days?
—Emily Paulson, St. Petersburg, Fla.

As a member of “B&B’s” founding Forrester family, Winsor Harmon, 49, is still considered on recurring status with “The Bold and the Beautiful,” so don’t despair of his returning to the daytime drama. But in the meantime, he has taken on a passion project, “Cathedral Canyon,” a movie about polygamy in which young girls are being married off to the elders of their church.

“It is a very well-rounded story and it is going to expose a lot. Basically, we are trying to bring awareness to what is going on in this country,” says the Crowley, La.-born actor, who plays a not-so-good guy who falls in love with a young woman and then tries to rescue her from her polygamous community.

With little budget to make the movie, which premiered on June 14 at the Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival in Arizona, Harmon also took on the additional roles of co-producer and co-director to ensure that it got made. While doing that, he discovered that he also enjoyed being behind the camera.

“It is the most fun I have ever had shooting anything in my life,” he says. “I would definitely do it again. As a matter of fact, I am thinking of going to the film academy school for directing because I would like to know more about it.”

Along the way, Harmon also enlisted the services of two of his “B&B” cast mates, John McCook and Lorenzo Lamas, who both donated their time and talents because they also believed in the project.

“It was something that was close to me,” says Harmon, whose daughter Jade is 28. “When you talk to these families and see what they’ve lost… Somebody comes to take my daughter away from me, you’re going to have to kill me to get my child.”