Who Is David Alan Basche of ‘The Exes’?

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on November 6, 2013

Please share some background on David Alan Basche, who plays the dentist Stuart on “The Exes.”
—Bev Ballard, Scranton, Pennsylvania

The native of Hartford, Connecticut, 45, kicked off his career as Tom Sawyer in a grade school play. He previously starred in the TV series “The Starter Wife” and “Lipstick Jungle,” and the movies “War of the Worlds,” “United 93” and “Real Steel.” Originally reading for the role of womanizing sports agent Phil Chase on “The Exes,” he told actress-wife Alysia Reiner, “I really like the dentist better. He’s a little more neurotic, a little more uptight. That would be really fun for me to play.” Basche lives in Harlem, New York, where he enjoys growing tomatoes and flowers with his young daughter.