Who is the Voice on the Dodge Ram Commercials?

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on June 22, 2013
Sam Elliott

In the TV commercial for Dodge Ram trucks, is that the voice of Sam Elliott? What is he up to now? What was the TV series he starred in?
—John E. Catlin, Portage, Wis.

The deep voice on the Dodge Ram commercials does indeed belong to Elliott, 68. His other voiceover work includes Coleman camping gear, Coor’s Beer, and public service spots as Smokey the Bear. You can see, as well as hear, the Sacramento, Calif.-born actor, who has been married to actress Katherine Ross since 1984, in the current movie “The Company You Keep.” Elliott has appeared in dozens of films and numerous TV movies, but he hasn’t had leading roles on a lot of TV shows; the series you’re recalling may be “Once An Eagle” or “The Yellow Rose,” both of which aired in the 1970s.