‘Wilfred’ Actress Fiona Gubelmann

Celebrity Q&A
on September 16, 2011
<i>Wilfred</i> stars Jason Gann, Elijah Wood and Fiona Gubelmann

Does the actress who plays the dog owner on Wilfred have a dog in real life?
—Bryan Simpson, Las Cruces, N.M.

Oddly enough, the cast of Wilfred seems to be more oriented toward felines than canines. Fiona Gubelmann, 32, who plays Jenna, Wilfred’s owner, has three cats. “I am definitely a better pet owner than Jenna. If I had a dog, he would definitely be on a leash and fixed, but I do talk to my cats the same way Jenna talks to Wilfred.”

Even Australian actor/standup comedian Jason Gann, 39, who co-created and plays Wilfred (as a man in a dog suit) in both the U.S. and Australian versions of the dark-comedy series, prefers cats over dogs. “I don’t have dogs. I have cats,” he says. “They are so much easier.”

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