Will There Be a 'Luther' Season 4?

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on October 5, 2013
Idris Elba

Season 3 of “Luther” was great. Will there be a fourth?
Ryan Koufax, Baltimore, Maryland

Currently, there are talks in the works to take “Luther” to the big screen for a movie that would be a prequel, and tell the story of John Luther’s career in his early days, with the final scene taking us up to where the first episode of the TV series started.

“The TV show being what it is, we have always wanted to take it to a filmic character,” says Idris Elba, 41, who plays Luther. “This season wasn’t really designed to be closure. There are massive symbols like me taking off my coat, Justin dying at a point toward the end, but I don’t think we did that intentionally. [We didn’t] say at the end of this, ‘We are not going to do any more.'”
What they were hoping was for people to pose the question: Now what? And look at Luther and ask, “Where you can go from here?”

That said, creator Neil Cross has already written a script for the film, but the financing has yet to be put in place. Even so, Elba is excited about doing an origins story for the character of John Luther.
“I’ve always likened Luther to a superhero just because as television makers we bend the rules so much,” he says. “It would be interesting to understand where he came from and how did we end up in that first episode.”

Even with the potential for a “Luther” movie on the horizon, it doesn’t discount the possibility of future TV seasons of the hit British cop drama, with Idris joking, “I think both Neil and I would consider it if you could get David Bowie to come and score the next season.”

But there is no doubt that the London-born actor, who previously appeared on “The Wire” and “The Big C,” will continue to work in television, and perhaps, even make a return to an American TV series.
“Television, for me, is a medium that I’m probably always going to be attached to, one way or another,” Elba says. “My film career has been very kind to me, and I’m building in that world, but, honestly, so far, my biggest challenges have been in television.”