CNN’s Wolf Blitzer

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on November 10, 2002

I enjoy the reporting of CNN's Wolf Blitzer. However, I've wondered, is that his real name? Is he really "Mrs. Blitzer's little boy Wolf"? Can you tell me about his personal background and how he got into journalism?
—Marshall B., Virginia

Wonder no more. He really is "Mrs. Blitzer's little boy Wolf," named for his grandfather. Blitzer was born in Buffalo, N.Y. He majored in history at SUNY Buffalo and spent the summer of 1968 studying at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He went on to earn a master's degree in international relations from Johns Hopkins University. Although he never studied journalism in college, Blitzer was intrigued by a program offered by Reuters news agency. He applied, was accepted, and went back to Israel, this time learning the ropes as a young reporter in Tel Aviv. He went on to become the Washington correspondent for The Jerusalem Post and spent 15 years reporting from the nation's capital. He joined CNN as military-affairs reporter in 1990 and was among the network team that won a CableACE award for their Gulf War coverage. He also won an Emmy for his coverage of the Oklahoma City bombing. Currently, he anchors Wolf Blitzer Reports and hosts Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer. He lives in Maryland with his wife and daughter.