Singer Wynonna Judd

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on February 18, 2001

I heard that country singer Wynonna Judd had a garage sale. If it is true, what was she selling?
—Clair T., Illinois

Several thousand shoppers, some from as far away as Washington state, waited in hour-long lines to pay for false eyelashes, vases, platform boots, scarves, and a $100 full-length pink faux fur coat at a yard sale that Wynonna Judd, 36, held last August at her Tennessee farm. Large-ticket items included a Harley-Davidson motorcycle for $18,000, an old restored Ford truck for $35,000, and a brown leather chair and ottoman for $2,500. One shopper overheard Judd negotiating prices via a walkie-talkie. Part of the proceeds (she never revealed the amount) were donated to charity, and the remainder will go toward Judd's new house.