Football Player Yancey Thigpen

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on April 22, 2001

Are football player Yancey Thigpen and the actress in The District related?
—Anita W., Tennessee

The former Tennessee Titans wide receiver is not related to actress Lynne Thigpen, but both possess extraordinary talent. Lynne Thigpen, who plays Ella Farmer, was born and raised in Joliet, Ill., and lives in New York. She's been in such movies as Tootsie, Bob Roberts, Lean on Me, Shaft, and The Insider. She won a Tony Award in 1997 for her role in Broadway's An American Daughter. Two-time Pro Bowler Yancey Thigpen was born in Tarboro, N.C. A former Winston-Salem State player, he just finished his ninth year in the NFL. Yancey joined the Titans in 1997 and was cut from the team earlier this year. He previously spent six seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers.