Yard Sale Pricing

Home & Family, Living Green
on March 1, 2012

A yard sale is a great way to declutter your home and make some extra cash. The success of a yard sale depends upon many variables, including how your items are organized and priced. Yard sales are hard work and do require significant preparation, especially with organizing and pricing your goods.

Preparation. As you gather your yard sale items, begin to sort them into categories. Keep like things together — books in one box, clothing in a large tub and big-ticket items like furniture set aside. When you have dozens of books to sell, it can be easier to place them all in a box marked “Any paperback = 25 cents or 5 for $1.” Be sure to separate your paperback and hardback books. According to Yard Sale Search’s guide to pricing, hardbacks typically are priced at 75 cents or 2 for $1. If your items are organized into categories before, your set-up will be easier and quicker.

Organization. Nothing is more frustrating to a yard sale shopper than walking into chaos. Keep similar items displayed together, providing ample space in between tables for people to move freely. If you can hang clothing from a rack, that's ideal. However, neatly folded clothes can look just as organized. When setting up your sale, check for rips, stains or damage on clothing. If the damage is heavy, place the item in a box marked “free.” Check any games, toys, puzzles and other items that have multiple pieces. If something is missing, tape a note to the item and reduce your price. Attach owner manuals to any small appliances; shoppers appreciate this and will be less likely to haggle on the price.

Pricing. The Extension Office of the University of Florida suggests visiting other yard and garage sales in your area and pricing your items in a similar manner. Typically, adult clothing does not sell as well as kids’ clothing. Many yard sales will offer bag deals for clothing instead of pricing each piece individually. This works great when you have several tables of clothing. You might offer “Fill a bag with clothes for $5.” Be prepared for shoppers wanting to haggle on price. An almost-new waffle iron can be marked for about $6 or $7; however, it is likely a shopper will ask if you will take $5 for it. This is common. If you don’t want to haggle, post a sign that states “all prices firm.”

Remember when pricing yard sale items, always place the price sticker in a visible place. Avoid placing the price on the bottom of the item where shoppers have to pick it up and search for it.