CNN Journalist Zain Verjee

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on November 19, 2006

Q Zain Verjee on CNN's The Situation Room comes across as friendly and fun to watch. How did she get to CNN and what's her background?
—Gene H. McIntyre, Keizer, Ore.

While finishing her master's thesis in Kenya, Nairobi-born Verjee (whose ethnicity is East Indian) volunteered at the local radio station. "I ended up enjoying it so much, I stayed for four years," says Verjee, 32, who evolved from the radio entertainment beat to news after the 1998 embassy bombings in Nairobi. She came to the United States in 2000 and joined CNN as a correspondent for The Situation Room and other network newscasts. She also has published a children's book, Live and On The Air, about the experiences of a young girl who moves from rural Kenya to Nairobi to work as a broadcaster. Sound familiar?