Chris Christie Loses the New Jersey Love: The Most Shared Takes

By Megan T. Brown on March 4, 2016

Following Chris Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump – his former opponent in the Republican primaries – New Jersey news outlets are calling for Christie to resign from his position as the state’s governor. They’re not the only ones—here are the most shared articles on Christie criticism following his endorsement of the Republican front-runner.


Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump and Calls Marco Rubio ‘Desperate’

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Tom Ridge, former secretary of Homeland Security, described the Christie-Trump partnership as "the walls and bridges team."

Reuters via The New York Times


Six N.J. newspapers call on Christie to resign

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Six Gannett-owned papers were compelled to call for Christie's resignation following a press conference this week, citing the governor's neglect of his state while campaigning with Trump.

Mel Evans/AP via USA Today


EDITORIAL: Step down, Gov. Christie

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One editorial accuses Christie of putting his personal ambitions ahead of his interest in New Jersey citizens.

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The many pained expressions of Chris Christie standing behind Donald Trump

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Some questioned whether or not Christie had fully made peace with the collapse of his own campaign, attributing regret to his less-than-enthusiastic expressions during Trump's Super Tuesday victory speech.

The Washington Post


N.H. newspaper that endorsed Chris Christie: ‘Boy, were we wrong’

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New Hampshire’s Union Leader publisher Joseph W. McQuaid said, "Rather than standing up to the bully, Christie bent his knee."

Karen Pulfer Focht/Reuters via Yahoo


6 New Jersey newspapers call for Chris Christie to resign

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The joint editorial called out Christie for arrogance, opportunism, hypocrisy—and that's just the beginning.



Watch Chris Christie Die Inside Beside Donald Trump on Super Tuesday

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Among criticism of Christie's endorsement was the governor's sudden change in opinion on Trump's qualification for the presidency.

Rolling Stone


New Hampshire's Biggest Paper Rescinds Chris Christie Endorsement Over His Backing for Donald Trump

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Christie had previously gone as far as assuring the New Hampshire Union Leader's board that he would never back Trump.

LM Otero/AP via Mother Jones


Why Americans Hate Politicians: Chris Christie Edition

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The governor's past remarks about Trump's campaign also included claims that the real estate mogul's pursuit of the nomination was a farce: “It’s just not real. It’s all for TV.”

The Atlantic


An Editorial - Joseph W. McQuaid, Publisher: Christie was our bad choice

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Many lacked faith in Christie's own leadership prior to his endorsement, describing the governor's "baggage" relating to his reputation

Karen Pulfer Focht/Reuters via The New Hampshire Union Leader