Trending News in Tech | February 26 Edition

By Megan T. Brown on February 26, 2016

In today’s most socially shared tech news, meet a robot whose agility puts yours to shame, get on board with Facebook’s reactions, and put the sad face one to use for a selfie stick that makes iPad photographers look like pros.


Sorry, Tesla: The world’s fastest electric car is made in... Croatia?

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Rimac Automobili's vehicle is scheduled to debut at the Geneva Motor Show early next month.

Rimac via Mashable


Here's how to get the new Facebook reactions if you don't see them yet

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Still don't have access to the new additions? Follow these steps to get them on desktop and mobile, and then show your friends how you really feel.



Player Discovers Secret Menus In Mortal Kombat Games After Over 20 Years

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The game's creator, Ed J Boon, programmed the hidden menus himself. See what a player discovered after over two decades.


How Google's impressive new robot demo will fuel your nightmares

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The Atlas humanoid from Boston Dynamics shows off its ability to trek through snow, open doors, lift heavy objects and hoist itself back up after being pushed down.



These New Star Wars Posters Are Simply Perfect

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An artist used simple and recognizable imagery to create an officially licensed series that perfectly captures the spirit of Star Wars.


MacBook selfie sticks are even more cringeworthy than photos with an iPad

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In this photo series, artists pose amid bewildered passersby wielding MacBooks on oversized selfie sticks. via Mashable


2K, Rockstar Parent Company Take-Two Coming to E3 2016 "In a Big Way"

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What is Take-Two Interactive planning for its anticipated E3 appearance?



Google's New AI Can Tell Where Your Photo Was Taken Without Using Geotags

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PlaNet uses only your photos' pixels to pinpoint their locations. A useful tool, or just plain creepy?

Adam Bautz/Flickr via Gizmodo


We Finally Know Who's Starring in Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One

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Learn who will star as Wade in the adaptation of Ernie Cline's futuristic story.


Your Next Phone Might Have 256GB of Storage Thanks to Samsung's New Chip

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Samsung's new flash storage promises not only to increase device capacity, but to also make for speedier operations.