An Enchanted Excursion: 10 Reasons to Travel to New Mexico

By Megan T. Brown on March 29, 2016

If you’ve ever wondered where the Land of Enchantment got its moniker, prepare to have that question put to rest with these trending stops in one of America’s most distinguished landscapes. Join us and gaze, enrapt, into the brilliant wonder of a pristine night sky, climb high into the mesas ancestral civilizations called home and venture deep into cozy and colorful caverns brimming with mystery.


IDA Designates First U.S. International Dark Sky Sanctuary In New Mexico

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In an effort to curb light pollution, the International Dark-Sky Association designated New Mexico's Cosmic Campground America's inaugural Dark Sky Sanctuary to promote conservation of astronomer-friendly views.

David Thornburg via International Dark-Sky Association


Cumbres Toltec Railroad | Red River, New Mexico

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Operating trains seven days a week through mid-October, this line expands over 64 miles between Colorado and New Mexico for a taste of the early narrow gauge railroad system that once snaked throughout the Rocky Mountains.


The mysterious helix staircase of the Loretto Chapel

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Santa Fe's Loretta Chapel is home to the elegantly coiling "Miraculous Stair." Its sturdiness in spite of a lack in central support remains as mysterious as the stair's original builder.

Loretto Chapel


Georgia O'Keefe House

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The humble abode situated in Abiquiu—and whose walls are bare of O'Keefe's iconic works of art—has been called one of the most important artistic sites in the Southwest.

Brittany Ambridge via The Style Files


Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa

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Bathe in legendary waters whose minerals have nurtured the land and its people for centuries—then round out your stay by experiencing a host of modern and luxurious treatments with a stunning desert view.

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs


70 million-year-old Dino fossils helicoptered out of Bisti Wilderness

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In search of a paleontological paradise? Look no further than the state's northwestern badlands, a famous location for the discovery of dinosaur remains.

Cecil Whitt/Wilderness Spirit Photography via


Ghost Towns of New Mexico | Visit the Past

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These eerie towns – once mining meccas and agricultural centers – vanished from their former seats as flourishing New Mexico communities. Now, crumbling adobe and rusting farm equipment are the sole remains of a bustling history.


Mix of New and Old Enlivens Taos Ski Valley

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This beloved resort has seen a spike in its stagnant ski crowd thanks to base area improvements and the rediscovery of some crucial elements that make it, once again, a mountainous home away from home.

Kate Russell for The New York Times


New Mexico's newest monument

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The untamed lands of northern New Mexico comprise one of America's youngest national monuments—a tapestry of landscapes illustrating the region's rich early history.



Carlsbad Caverns National Park | Carlsbad, New Mexico

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The caverns are an underground treasure trove surrounded by a park overflowing with natural wonders. Nature loves this place, and you'll go "batty" for one of its signature animal demonstrations...