Today’s Most Socially Shared Articles in Tech | February 11

By Megan T. Brown on February 11, 2016

From futuristic findings to confirmations decades in the making, the biggest players in tech have made some major discoveries this week. Check out the most socially shared articles on current happenings in Silicon Valley and beyond.


Einstein’s theory about gravitational waves could be confirmed today

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Have scientists at the LIGO collaboration found ripples in space-time?

The Verge


Tesla Preparing To Charge Into Affordable Car Market

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Get ready for your new ride—Elon Musk says the Model 3 will cost $35,000 before incentives.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images via NPR


Exclusive: In boost to self-driving cars, U.S. tells Google computers can qualify as drivers

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You could be calling an artificial intelligence system your designated (legal) driver, according to vehicle safety regulators.

Reuters/Stephen Lam


NASA just released more awesome space tourism posters

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NASA wants you to fully appreciate the beauty of our Solar System. Check out these gorgeous tourism posters to delve into the future—with a retro feel.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory via Science Alert


Amazon’s New Terms of Service Won’t Apply During a Zombie Apocalypse

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Amazon confirms: Its newly released game-development software is absolutely approved for use in the event human corpses reanimate to terrorize the earth.



You Can Get 2GB of Free Google Storage Today

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In need of a little extra space? Just complete Google's Security Checkup in celebration of Safer Internet Day.

Peta Pixel


Social Media Reunites Homeless Man With Family He Hasn’t Seen in 40 Years

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Get your tissues ready. A homeless Miami man just found his family, thanks to YouTube and Facebook.

Huffington Post


Google's killing off Flash-based advertising

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Death to Flash. This summer, Google will begin phasing out the insecure player software from its static ads.

Stuwdamdorp/Alamy via Engadget


Husband and wife never expected their Fitbit would tell them this ...

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Who said Reddit was only good for the occasional witch hunt? Read how Redditors solved the case of one woman's elevated heart rate—with an answer no one saw coming.

David Trinidad via CNN


This Virtual Reality Suit Lets You Experience Touch

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Watch the video to learn how the Teslasuit transmits tactile sensations from virtual reality games.

DNews on Youtube