Can’t-Miss Tech Trends: Affordable Devices Vs. Outrageous Automobiles

By Stephanie Schiraldi on March 25, 2016

Fast cars, faster Wi-Fi speeds and fast-talking hackers abound in the top trending tech stories from Easter weekend. Catch up on everything you missed in our roundup and check out our tech portal for more hot stories on all things digital.


Jeep puts a 707-horsepower 'Hellcat' V8 engine in a Wrangler

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Every year, Jeep creates and unveils crazy concepts for the Easter Jeep Safari—this year's souped up Wrangler did not disappoint.



Bugatti Chiron is the World's Next Fastest Car

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With a base price of $2.6 million, Bugatti's new Chiron is its most powerful generation to date.

CNN Money


Concept_One is the World's Fastest Electric Car

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Croatian carmaker Rimac Automobili has unveiled the Concept_One, which the company claims is the fastest production electric vehicle in the world.



33 Secrets About the Making of Galaxy Quest

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Curious about the origins of this beloved sci-fi comedy? Here's everything you ever wanted to know about the unsuspecting Star Trek spoof.



Google's Nik Collection for Photo Editing Goes Completely Free

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Even if you're not an advanced photographer, you can snag Google's suite of seven desktop photo editing plug-ins—absolutely free.

The Verge


Apple's iPad Pro

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Apple made a splash with its announcement of a smaller, more affordable iPad. Here are the pros and cons of the highly anticipated new device.



Where to Put Your Router to Optimize Home Wi-FI

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Sick of that waning signal strength? Here's where to put that router to guarantee Wi-Fi access anywhere in your home.



Apple's iPhone SE Announced

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Dubbed "the most powerful 4-inch smartphone ever," the iPhone SE promises speedy Wi-Fi and LTE connections, enhanced battery and microphone, as well as a host of other in-demand capabilities.

The Verge


BMW's Vision Next 100 Concept Car

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Who needs a dashboard when you can have an augmented reality display?

The Verge


1.5 Million Verizon Customers Hacked

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Information from the targeted customers appeared "for sale" online following the attack.

NBC News