Top Trending Stories in Tech: March 4 Edition

By Katherine Foreman on March 4, 2016

From sprayable butter devices to virtual reality roller coasters, we’ve got today’s top trending tech stories to keep you in the loop of innovation!


First Audio Recordings From the Bottom of the Mariana Trench are Nightmare Fuel

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Newly discovered recordings from the deepest valley of the Mariana trench, 36,000 feet beneath the ocean's surface, show a mysterious, haunting side to aquatic life.



After a year in space, Scott Kelly returns 2 inches taller

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Astronaut Scott Kelly came back to Earth with a two-inch advantage on his twin brother Mark due to a lack of gravity's ability to expand spinal disks.

USA Today


Apple backed by more online giants in FBI iPhone unlock battle

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Even top tech companies can prove the relatability of squad goals.



This Account of an Imaginary 9.0 Earthquake in Portland is Beyond Terrifying

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Portland native Adam Rothstein pairs real science with fiction to speculate on what might happen to the area of the Pacific Northwest under catastrophic conditions.



iOS 9.3 will tell you loud and clear if your employer is monitoring your phone

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With all the commotion surrounding technological privacy, there might finally be a solution to stopping any unlawful invasion at the source.



Crazy gadget melts cold butter sticks into instant spray

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Every popcorn and toast enthusiast's personal hero just invented a device that will melt cold butter sticks into instant spray.



Oculus Founder: Rift will come to Mac if Apple "ever releases a good computer"

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Looks like the only thing we're waiting on in terms of virtual reality computers is…well…a compatible computer.


This is the first image from Europe's Sentinel-3A Satellite

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The newly launched environmentally aware space satellite will be used to monitor the health of vegetation, changing temperatures and the melting of glaciers.



Take your laundry to the spin class with the Bike Washing Machine

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A dream come true for multitaskers everywhere.

Tree Hugger


Six Flags to add virtual reality to roller coasters this season

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Six Flags is partnering with Samsung to release the newest technology in virtual reality roller coasters to be added to amusement parks across the U.S.

USA Today