Top Trending Stories in Tech: April 27 Edition

By Katherine Foreman on April 26, 2016

From man-made black holes to high-quality Ecto cooling juice boxes, today’s top trending tech stories explore the greatest wonders of the modern universe (and beyond, for all our Ghostbusters aficionados).


Researchers have accidentally made batteries that could last 400 times longer

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The days of scrambling around for old batteries are gone thanks to this new creation, which could last for more than 200,000 charge cycles.

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Physicists have created a 'black hole' in the lab that could finally prove Hawking radiation exists

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The theory, which is 42 years in the making, could make sense of one of the Universe's most complex and confusing phenomena.

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You need this Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS

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What some in the tech world have referred to as 'a work of art' is built of nearly 3,000 individual pieces.

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Stuck in traffic? This concept car comes with detachable skateboard

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Audi's latest concept model comes with a hidden surprise—an electric long board stowed away in the rear bumper.



Ghostbuster Hi-C Ecto Cooler Returns This May

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Want to remain hydrated and healthy enough to watch the return of the Ghostbusters franchise this summer? You're in luck, because they're bringing back everyone's favorite slime green drink after 15 years!

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Watch us eat hot sauce made from the world's spiciest peppers

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General Electric's penchant for creating products that can withstand thousands of degrees just took a new—and delicious—twist.

Pop Sci


Once again, Australia leads the 'Game of Thrones' piracy charge

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Game of Thrones, or Game of Torrents?



Obama trying VR headset with googly eyes proves he can make anything look cool

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President Obama made great strides toward our country's technological advancement at the Hanover Messe Industrial Trade Show in Hanover, Germany.



The next Apple watch might have cellular data

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Stay tuned, folks—Apple's unleashing improvements on its year-old Apple watch, which may include cellular connectivity.

Hype Beast


An Absurd Solution For Keeping Your Crashed Drone From Drowning

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If you are, for some reason, afraid your drone might crash into a body of water, you can always try these techno floaties, modeled after water gliding insects.