The 10 Most Socially Shared Articles in Tech | February 18 Edition

By Katherine Foreman on February 18, 2016

From a new take on a classic board game to the latest advancements in prosthetic technology and the heated tech battle between Apple and the FBI, we’ve got all of today’s top trending tech articles to keep you up to date!


You Don't Need any Starfleet Training to Fly This Star Trek USS Enterprise Drone

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To help celebrate Star Trek's 50th anniversary, toy and electronics company Spin Master is modeling its popular quadcopter drones into a version of the USS Enterprise you can fly yourself!



Brain Implant Will Let Amputees Move Individual Fingers on Prosthetics With Thoughts Alone

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This advanced technology will revolutionize the world of amputee victims.



Tim Cook: Apple Won't Create 'Backdoor' to Help FBI Access San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone

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One step in the right direction for human rights, or a step backward in advancing terrorist control?



This new Nerf gun shoots at 68 mph

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Bringing a whole new meaning to survival of the fittest.

The Verge


World's cheapest smartphone Freedom 251 launched at Rs 251: 10 things to know

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Imagine paying less for a smart phone than you would a drink at Starbucks. The Freedom 251 is launching at Rs 251 (under $4).

The Times of India


Bye, bye, banker: New Monopoly game goes cashless with electronic payments

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If being the banker was your favorite position in Monopoly, please accept our deepest condolences.



Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors and New Leaks

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Excited for Samsung's newest addition to the smartphone line? So is everyone else who's seen the newly leaked video of the product!

Digital Trends


Scientists are getting closer to 3D printing you a new ear if you lose one

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3D printing isn't just for hi-tech crafts—see how scientists are using the technology to create biocompatible tissues.

Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine via Mashable


Bosses Tap Outside Firms to Predict Which Workers Might Get Sick

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Employee wellness firms are mining data to give information to employers about workers' health needs—including predicting when employees are planning on getting pregnant. Note: The full article requires a subscription for access.

The Wall Street Journal


Hollywood hospital pays $17,000 in bitcoins to hackers who took control of computers

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Hackers seized control of the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center's computer systems, forcing directors to pay up in order to regain access.

Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times