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Net neutrality is officially dead. Here's what that means.

April 23 marks the day that the net neutrality repeal takes effect. Here's what that means.
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Google Chrome just launched its best feature in years

Google Chrome will finally mute annoying autoplaying videos by default. The update launched today for the browser's desktop and mobile apps.
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Amazon is reportedly planning ‘Vesta’ home robot for 2019 | VentureBeat

Amazon’s next major consumer product could be far more ambitious than Echo speakers and Fire tablets, according to a new Bloomberg report: The company is said to be working on a domestic robot codenamed “Vesta” after the Roman goddess of family, hearth, and home. Vesta is said to be several years in…
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21 Mother's Day gifts for the tech-savvy mom

If your mom is the first to adopt the latest streaming device, knows all the iPhone hacks, and loves tech and gadgets, these are the gifts for her.
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Gmail accounts appear to send out spam, and their owners are baffled

The issue persists even after a password change, and many of the accounts had 2FA enabled.
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How this AI platform is taking over the business world

What global business hasn’t dreamed of a future where artificial intelligence can realistically help solve challenges, at a scale? Just think about it.
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Apple's new 'Daisy' robot is here to eat all your old iPhones

Apple's recycling robot names Daisy can get through 200 iPhones an hour.
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Protect your iPhone and add new camera lenses at the same time

The six different lenses slide in and out easily, so they don't take up any more space than they have to.
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