10 Easy Summer Fitness Tips

on July 27, 2011

Waiting in Line

“Because there’s always a line!” says Valerie, who suggests alternating the following moves while you’re waiting at Starbucks, the post office or the grocery checkout: Contract your glutes (two cheeks together, then right/left), then suck in your tummy as if you wanted to glue your abs to your spine. “This will work your deep abs, the ones that make your tummy flat. It’s a great way to work in some isometry without sweating it off at the gym.”

At the Gas Station

“Do you know how long it takes to fill up your tank? Anywhere from three to seven minutes! Use these minutes to get fit.” Do waist rotations—just spread your arms, not too wide, keep your hips straight and twist your upper body. Do it enough, Valerie says, and it’ll be a three-minute road to “trimming those love handles!” Or wash your windshield as fast as you can. “You will burn calories and clean your windshield!” Shift your weight from one leg to the other and squeeze your glutes each time you change sides.

In the Pool

“Summer means time in the water—yay! Get a workout while cooling off.” Pool push-ups: With your feet not touching the bottom of the pool, place your hands on the pool edge slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Exhale and push up as if you are getting out of the pool. Contract your abs, keep your shoulders down and avoid locking elbows. Inhale and slowly lower yourself back in the water. Do two sets of 15 reps.


Glow + Reduce Appetite

Valerie recommends a Sobacha morning drink to fill up and make your skin look great. “Instead of making your usual tea or coffee in the morning, just infuse a handful of roasted buckwheat and hot water, drink, and after five minutes, voila—glowing skin and your appetite curbed by 25 percent!”

Iron Triceps

After the shower, while your skin is soaking up your moisturizer, do 50 pushups on the wall (“Way easier than pushups on the floor—and less pressure on the wrists joints.”)

Reduce Appetite Fashionably

“Wear a fine ribbon under your clothes when going to a party with a buffet. Tie it on your skin, not too tight just resting on your skin at your waist level. When you start eating and your tummy starts swelling you will realize when you might be doing mindless eating.” This connection of stomach/brain, says Valerie, will help reduce what you eat by at least 50 percent.


A Firmer Chest

“From the Moulin Rouge dancers: Put hands in prayer position, palms together, fingers pointing up and press/release palms in an upward move toward ceiling, then come back down. Do fifty reps anywhere you are alone (restrooms, bedroom, office, in your car, etc.)”


Size Does Matter

“Europeans are thinner because the American portion sizes are at least twice as large. When out, order appetizer size instead of entrée. Then you can have your desert, which you share with your friend, because the portion size of deserts is mind-blowing.”


Eat Before You Eat

Reduce your appetite by eating eat a hard-boiled egg before heading out to a party/dinner/buffet. “The fat + protein combination will crush your fake, social hunger!”


Child's Play

“You don't have to sit and just watch your kids learning judo, playing baseball or the piano. They actually enjoy not having their parents in the spectator gallery all the time.” Wear or bring your sneakers and walk around the block or on the sidelines with the other parents. “Most lessons/games are about one hour long — that’s an extra hour of exercise for you!”

Fitness Guru Valerie Orsoni

CEO and Founder of MyPrivateCoach and LeBootCamp, Valerie Orsoni leads coaching programs for healthy living and weight loss. Visit her official websites at myprivatecoach.com and lebootcamp.com


Everyday Fitness

You don’t have to have a gym membership. You don’t have to run five miles a day, jump rope for hours or move out the couch to make room for a treadmill. And you don’t have to starve. Instead, says San Francisco healthy-living coach Valerie Orsoni, there are other ways to squeeze workouts and sensible eats into a busy summer schedule.