12 Terrific Recipes for Leftover Turkey

on November 20, 2011

Avocado and Turkey Sandwiches with Feta Mayonnaise

A classic sandwich with a twist: feta cheese and avocado Get the Recipe

Parsley Tortellini Toss

Use your leftover ham, turkey, or both in this cheesy pasta plate Get the Recipe

Turkey Apricot Rice Salad

Cranberries, apricots, and green onions make up this sweet, colorful salad Get the Recipe

Turkey Bread Pudding Florentine

An excellent brunch recipe, made with eggs, leftover bread, spinach, and Swiss cheese Get the Recipe

Turkey Casserole

Use leftover turkey and rolls in this cheesy dish Get the Recipe

Turkey and Cranberry Sauce Sandwiches

Have leftover cranberry sauce and don't know what to do with it? Use your turkey to make a sandwich with baby spinach and sliced cheddar cheese. Get the Recipe

Turketti Casserole

Craving Italian? Use your turkey in this yummy spaghetti casserole Get the Recipe

Quick Turkey Lasagna

No-boil noodles shave minutes off of the prep time for this delicious dish Get the Recipe

Turkey Saltimbocca Toss

Orzo and sugar snap peas add color to your roasted, juicy leftover turkey Get the Recipe

Turkey Tortilla Soup

Corn, tomatoes, beans, and chilies heaped with tortilla strips Get the Recipe

Turkey Vegetable Soup

A simple soup made with carrots, rutabaga, and parsnip Get the Recipe

Turkey Tetrazzini

Mushrooms, onions, and green chilies make a tasty turkey pasta dish Get the Recipe