13 Haunted Hotels Across America

on October 1, 2013
Courtesy of public domain/Wikimedia Commons

13 Haunted Hotels Across America

If you’re afraid of things that go bump in the night, think again before planning your stay at these haunted hotels. From star-crossed lovers to scorned brides, here are 13 hotels across America whose guests checked in and never checked out.

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The Carolina Inn

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The spirit of Dr. William Jacocks, a retired physician who stayed at the inn from 1948 until his death in 1965, is reported to be haunting the halls of The Carolina Inn (est. 1924) in Chapel Hill. A team of professional ghost hunters detected the sound of footsteps, an orb-like object and the sound of a piano playing in an empty, piano-free room. They even captured the words “hey” and “might have won” on their equipment. Jacocks is known for playing jokes and tricks on the guests – especially those who stay in his room on the second floor!

Courtesy of the Gettysburg Historic Hotel

The Gettysburg Hotel

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Established in 1797, the Gettysburg Hotel is home to many civil war souls. Guests report visits from a friendly civil war nurse named Rachel who is known for expressing her frustration with caring for the wounded and dying soldiers during the war. Two guests also claim to have spotted Rachel in their hotel room, opening the dresser drawers and removing their clothing.

Courtesy of the Hassayampa Inn

Hassayampa Inn

Prescott, Arizona

Celebrating their honeymoon at the Hassayampa Inn (est. 1927), a newlywed couple checked into the Prescott hotel shortly after its grand opening on November 20, 1927. However, things went awry when the groom left to “buy a pack of cigarettes” and never returned. The new bride waited for three days until loneliness and the thought of abandonment became too much. The bride hung herself from the hotel’s bell tower and guests today still report seeing her dressed in an off-white wedding gown roaming the halls of the Hassayampa Inn.

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The Heathman Hotel

Portland, Oregon

The Heathman Hotel (est. 1927) has one ghost who prefers to haunt a specific section of the hotel. Ghost sightings have been reported solely in the column of rooms between 303 and 1003. In 1999, a celebrity psychic confirmed seeing a ghost in room 803 and theorizes someone jumped to his death from the balcony and is now haunting all of the rooms he passed on his way down.

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Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza

Cincinnati, Ohio

During the hotel’s 1983 renovation, construction workers claim to have seen a “Lady in Green” walking the Hall of Mirrors and Mezzanine level of the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza (est. 1931). Legend says the body of the woman’s husband was never recovered after he was killed during the construction of the hotel in 1930. Now in search of her lost husband, the “Lady in Green” spends restless nights wandering the halls of the hotel.

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Hotel del Coronado

Coronado, California

Kate Morgan, the resident ghost at the Hotel del Coronado (est. 1886) has a mysterious past that makes even the most experienced ghost hunters scratch their heads. In November 1892, Kate Morgan checked into the Hotel del Coronado alone, under the alias “Lottie A Bernard.” Five days later on Nov. 29, her body was found on the hotel’s staircase leading to the beach with a gunshot wound to the head. The San Diego County coroner determined that the gunshot was self-inflicted, but many remained skeptical as to why this mid-20s beauty took her own life. More than 120 years after her death, Kate still roams the grounds of this beachside resort.

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1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Embracing its reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in the country, the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa (est. 1886) has its own ghost website, americasmosthauntedhotel.com where visitors can log their paranormal sightings and post pictures of their supernatural encounters. See if you feel the presence of one of the hotel’s six resident ghosts, Michael, Theodora, The Lady in White, The Girl in the Midst, The Little Girl, and The Little Boy during your spooky stay.

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Hotel San Carlos

Phoenix, Arizona

Featured on television’s “Most Haunted,” the Hotel San Carlos (est. 1886) is considered a major attraction in Phoenix. While countless movie stars have stayed at the hotel, the most famous guest is one who never checked out. At the young age of 22, Leone Jensen checked into the Hotel San Carlos in hopes of marrying her fiancé, a bellman at a neighboring hotel. However, upon discovering he had fallen out of love with her and wanted to cancel the marriage, she became so distraught with rejection that she put on her wedding dress and flung herself from the hotel roof. Guests have reported seeing Leone at the foot of their beds and on the roof…still wearing her wedding dress.

Courtesy of Infrogmation of New Orleans/Wikimedia Commons

Le Pavillon

New Orleans, Louisiana

Located in the heart of New Orleans, Le Pavillon (est. 1907) hosts at least four paranormal guests including a 19th century teenage girl, a 1920s aristocratic couple, and a cunning young gentleman. Multiple ghost sightings by staff and guests led hotel management to conduct a paranormal investigation. Severl experts found numerous ghosts in the hotel, one claiming almost 100 paranormal guests.

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Lighthouse Inn

New London, Connecticut

Once featured on Syfy’s “Ghost Hunters,” legend says the spirit of a beautiful bride wanders the halls of the Lighthouse Inn (est. 1902), still wearing her wedding dress. The young bride tragically fell down the hotel’s grand staircase and broke her neck in 1930. If you’re interested in owning your own haunted hotel, the Lighthouse Inn is currently looking for a new owner who won’t be scared off by a friendly ghost or two.

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The Menger Hotel

San Antonio, Texas

Holding the unofficial title of the “most haunted hotel in Texas,” this historic San Antonio hotel (est. 1858) claims to host the spirits of 32 ghostly guests, among them entrepreneur and founder of King Ranch, Richard King. Guests have also reported seeing a woman dressed in a 1800s maid uniform roaming the halls of the 3rd floor. The apparition is believed to be Sallie White, a hotel chambermaid who was attacked by her husband on March 28, 1876 and died two days later.

Courtesy of The Omni Grove Park Inn

The Omni Grove Park Inn

Asheville, North Carolina

Room 545 of the Omni Grove Park Inn (est. 1913) is home to a ghost known only as the “Pink Lady.” Little is known about this woman dressed in pink who spooks employees and startles guests, but some speculate she fell to her death in the Palm Court atrium around 1920.

Courtesy of the Napa River Inn

Napa River Inn

Napa, California

Once an old warehouse and feed store, the Napa River Inn (est. 1884) is still visited by the son of the building’s original owner, Captain Albert Hatt. After the death of his wife, Margaret, the stress of caring for five children, his own poor health and the loss of this beloved wife became too much, and on April 1, 1912, Albert Jr. hung himself from a beam in the warehouse. Guests have reported seeing a distressed, ghost-like woman in white searching the halls of the hotel and believe it could be Margaret trying to stop her husband from killing himself.