Barktober’s Best Dog Halloween Costumes

on October 6, 2015

Lovely Indeed

Doggy Disguises

Dogs are man's best friend, so when Halloween rolls around, these pups want to celebrate! Whether you're participating in Barktober Fest or looking for Halloween costume ideas for your favorite pup, check out these adorable doggie duds-they certainly deserve a round of ap-paws.


Ewok Costume

Star Wars enthusiasts everywhere will love this next one! Capitalize on your dog's furriness by making him into the carnivorous creature from the films. Learn how to make an Ewok costume here.


Lion Costume

The King of the Jungle just got a little more cuddly! A lion's mane and tail can transform even the tiniest of dogs into a ferocious beast. Learn how to make your own mane here.

Little Brown Dog Studio

Chia Pet

Hang on-is this a Chia Pet or a real pet? Use a dog sweater and some fake greenery to make this hilarious costume. More instructions on this DIY here.

Lovely Indeed


This little pup is too cute for words! Could you really say no to that face or costume? Better keep an extra stash of dog treats around. Learn how to make this costume here.

Tough Stuff

This costume gives a whole new meaning to "barking" orders. Don't be afraid of this tough guy though-surely all this pup wants is some treats!


Dog on Business

"Sir, Mr. Boxer will see you now." We can't think of a cuter costume for this pup, and you can make it yourself with some old dress shirts.

Partners in Crime

We don't know where this little pooch is making his delivery, but thank goodness he's got a friend with him!

Lemons and Laughs

Fluffy from Harry Potter

For a truly spooky costume, recreate one of the most iconic beasts from the Harry Potter series, a ferocious three-headed dog affectionately nicknamed "Fluffy."

Brit + Co

Starbucks Pup

One "Pup-kin" Spice Latte, please! Dress your dog up in everyone's favorite fall beverage for an instant win in the "best-in-show" costume category. Learn how to make this costume here.