11 Outrageous Ballpark Concessions

on August 13, 2015

Steven Kovichu2014Tampa Bay Rays

Batter Up? More Like Order Up!

As our favorite ballplayers step up to the plate, millions of Americans each year are filling their plates at the concession stands. Here are some of the wackiest foods served up at ballparks around the nation.

David Woou2014Dallas Morning News

The Boomstick

Everything's bigger in Texas, and food is no exception. At the Ranger's stadium in Arlington, you'll find a three pound, two foot all-beef hot dog slathered in chili, nacho cheese, jalapenos and caramelized onions. Named after the bat of Ranger's slugger Ted Cruz, The Boomstick has quickly become a Texan favorite.

Minnesota Twins

Not Your Average Bloody Mary

Nostalgic for the late nights and wild times of college? Look no further than the Minnesota Twins, where you can buy a "College Daze Bloody Mary," garnished with a slice of-you guessed it-cold pepperoni pizza.

Instagram User:@amandarykoffu2014USA Today

Pulled Pork Parfait

Dinner? Dessert? This concession concoction is so outrageous, it has its own Twitter account. Forget ice cream and chocolate sauce-this parfait consists of pulled pork, mashed potatoes, gravy, and baked beans. We have the Milwaukee Brewers to thank for this one.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Churro Dog

Over in Arizona, the Diamondbacks are promising something that will satiate even the biggest dessert lovers. Their "churro dog" consists of a glazed donut sliced down the middle, filled with a churro, and then topped with frozen yogurt, caramel and chocolate sauce. Talk about a cure for a sweet tooth!

Darren Rovellu2014ESPN

Sundae Helmet

At first glance, this sundae served in a Chicago White Sox baseball helmet seems like no big deal. But don't be fooled, this full-sized helmet holds twelve scoops of ice cream, two bananas, whipped cream, cherries, and a full array of sauces, weighing in at a cool three pounds.


Stuggy's Mac & Cheese Dog

For a taste of the East Coast, look no further than Camden Yards, where the Orioles are known for this delicacy. This hot dog is covered in mac and cheese with lump crab meat, then brushed with classic Old Bay seasoning. We're not sure how this combination came to be, but we like it.

Steven Kovichu2014Tampa Bay Rays

Fan v. Food Burger

Last year, the Tampa Bay Rays challenged their fans to a face-off against this-a four pound burger with eight hamburger patties, 32 slices of bacon, and eight slices of cheese. Sports Illustrated estimated the calorie count of this monstrosity at a whopping 8,320 calories.

Frank Posillicou2014New York Daily News

S'mores Bacon

As if bacon in itself wasn't delectable enough, the New York Mets have made it into dessert! Pieces of bacon are dipped in chocolate and then sprinkled in graham cracker crumbs and marshmallows.

Wilmington Blue Rocks

Sweenie Donut Dog

The minor league Wilmington Blue Rocks wanted to do something to wow their fans at Frawley Stadium in Delaware, so they conspired with Krispy Kreme. The result? A hot dog sandwiched between two Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts, garnished with raspberry jelly and bacon.

Micahl Wyckoffu2014Houston Chronicle

Chicken and Waffle Cone

As if the idea of chicken and waffles wasn't unconventional enough, the Houston Astros have taken it one step further. They've put mashed potatoes and popcorn chicken in a waffle cone, and topped it with a honey mustard drizzle.


Big Mother Funnel Burger

Just when you thought there could be no further fair food combinations, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers combined funnel cakes and a cheeseburger. We're not sure if this makes us salivate, cringe, or both.