Most Iconic Christmas Commercials

on December 16, 2015

It\'s That TIme of Year!

If there\'s one thing that holiday television specials and Super Bowl Sunday have taught us, it\'s that sometimes even the programs we look forward to year-round can be outshone by one brilliant 30-second commercial. These seasonal gems might get tucked away between snippets of classic Christmas time favorites, but they are ingrained in our memories and always leave us a little more excited to see if the next round can match up. To celebrate years of ads that have brought us a little extra cheer, we\'ve rounded up some of the best Christmas commercials of all time.

Frigidaire – 1950s

We\'ve come a long way since little Billy decided to wrap up a brand new, state-of-the-art Frigidaire for his well-deserving mom, but his giddy excitement as he hands off his hard-earned savings of $3.15 to the sales clerk makes it one for the holiday books.

Watch it here.

Hilltop \"I\'d Like to Buy the World a Coke\" – 1970s

This retro Coca Cola ad may seem a little cheesy with Christmas bells ringing along to a choir singing \"I\'d Like to Buy the World a Coke\", but it\'s hard to ignore the holiday spirit of love an unity with a twinkling human Christmas tree in the mix.

Watch it here.

Folgers – 1986 & 2009

Folgers knows just how to tug on our heartstrings in all the right ways during the holidays. Beginning with Peter coming home and surprising his family for Christmas in the late 80s, the coffee company has continued to warm us up from the inside out with classic stories of families reuniting during the holidays.

Watch the 1986 version here.

For a more modern (and no less heartwarming) version, watch the ad Folgers released in 2009.

Honey Nut Cheerios – 1989

Even Ebenezer Scrooge can\'t resist everyone\'s favorite animated honeybee, who knows everyone deserves a little Christmas cheer.

Watch it here.

Campbell\'s – 1993

There\'s nothing like a hearty warm bowl of chicken noodle soup to thaw you out when nights are cold, and this early nineties commercial proves even snowmen know this to be true.

Watch it here.

Coca Cola Polar Bears

Those friendly, fluffy polar bears are, perhaps, some of the most iconic holiday commercial characters of all, so picking one favorite is impossible. From setting up a Christmas tree on a snow-capped hill to enjoying a beach-themed holiday party with penguins, these bears know a thing or two about making the most of the season.

Watch some of the most popular ones from 1997, 2005 and 2009.

M&Ms – 1996

The red and yellow M&Ms who grace our screens year-round have become as popular and memorable as the candy itself, so who could forget their classic first interaction with Santa, which we\'ve grown to love year after year?

Watch it here.

Unicef – 2012

This humorous rendition of the story of the three wise men reminds those watching that giving a child something useful and worthwhile for Christmas doesn\'t have to mean giving the most expensive or rare gift around.

Watch it here.

WestJet – 2013

With more than 42 million views online, airliner WestJet\'s 2013 Christmas miracle commercial has proven that in most instances, it\'s far more rewarding to give than to receive.

Watch it here.

Sainsbury\'s – 2014

To celebrate the centenary of World War I while spreading the spirit of Christmas, British grocery chain Sainsbury\'s pulled out all the stops to create one of the most compelling Christmas adverts of all time, promoting the ever-popular holiday theme of togetherness.

Watch it here.

John Lewis – 2015

Another worthwhile watch from across the pond, John Lewis, a British department store with a reputation for producing moving Christmas commercials, made its already-buzzed-about Man on the Moon ad for this year\'s holiday season. Get out the Kleenex and get ready to be reminded of the importance of showing people you care this Christmas.

Watch it here.