Gifts for The Courageous Breast Cancer Survivor in Your Life

on October 5, 2015

Forget Halloween for A Moment...

The beginning of October marks the month-long celebration of some of America's strongest, bravest and most dedicated women-those in the ultimate fight with breast cancer. Whether she's already won the battle or still on the road toward remission, both survivors and current fighters alike deserve to be shown the love, support and awareness that their courage and hope merits. However, finding adequate ways to express such a deep level of thankfulness and appreciation for those you love and are immensely proud of may be a little more difficult than meets the eye, so these gift ideas are here to help get you started. Whether you're looking for a fresh idea to honor them with this month or are getting an early start for the holiday season, show the special lady in your life that you care in a thoughtful, hope-inspiring way.

A Year of Gratitude Card & Journal Set

Including 52 cards and a journal for daily or weekly logging, this Year of Gratitude stationery set highlights the practice of looking toward the positives of life each day and aids users in taking the time to write down what they're thankful for. This therapeutic and perspective-shaping exercise also manifests itself in the note cards, which are intended to be sent as a reminder to whomever you feel grateful toward that week.

Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul

A customized version of classic feel-good favorite, this special survivor's edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul chronicles the difficult journeys of women and their families who have been through a similar experience, and highlights wisdom, unimaginable bravery and strong support and sharing system that reveal themselves in the process. This book will evoke side-splitting laughter and the occasional tear, but will, most importantly, show survivors that they are not, under any circumstances, alone in their journey.


Custom Mediation Box

There's nothing like a little meditative therapy to help center us and put things in perspective, and this customizable, portable meditation box is designed to take your mental traffic and allow it to unwind in a therapeutic way. Filled with a layer of sand and lined on the bottom with velvet, this etching pad not only feels good to the sense of touch, but the transitory nature of sand allows the user to write or draw anything and wipe it clean without any trace of residue.

"She Believed She Could" Ring

No one can argue with a little extra jewelry, especially when it's engraved with such an inspiring reminder of strength and bravery. Made in durable sterling silver, this long-lasting ring is etched with the words "she believed she could," which serves as a constant example of the powers of hope and determination.

Hopeful Honey

DIY Little Book Of Hope

No matter how unbelievably strong and brave your breast cancer survivor might be, we can all use a little encouraging pick-me-up from time to time, especially after having undergone such a tremendous battle. This endlessly customizable Book of Hope, made from a simple deck of playing cards, contains feel-good and inspiring quotes and notes on each surface that she can flip through any time, anywhere. The time, thought and effort put into creating it especially for her will be obvious each time she pulls it out, making her feel that much more special, loved and appreciated.


All-Natural Survivor Candle

One Etsy artist created this 100% pure and all natural "Survivor" soy candle while her daughter was fighting the cancer battle as a small way to provide encouragement and symbolize endurance. Every time your loved one lights this candle, it will serve as a testament to the steady fire behind her own determination to survive, and the all-natural scent of the homemade wax won't irritate any sensitivity to strong odors.

Pink Knock Out Gloves

This gift is perfect for survivors of breast cancer, or those who are still fighting strong in the battle. Buy a pair of pink boxing gloves to symbolize the courage and strength of her fight and have all her loved ones sign them with small notes of love and encouragement.

"Think Pink" Goodie Box

Sometimes it's hard to communicate a feeling with one simple gift, so why not create a themed box with a collection of small trinkets that will let her know how much she means to you? Fill up a box with all of her favorite little knick knacks and products, and buy or make them all in pink to show your overwhelming support and dedication to awareness. You can use this "Think Pink" box idea to get started, and, in the spirit of falling October temperatures, include more seasonal merchandise, like this gorgeous knit Grace infinity scarf in blush.


Folded Book Art: Hope

A great story has the power to ignite the imagination and sense of hopeful adventure from start to finish, so why not turn your loved one's favorite read into a constant symbol of her own story and accomplishments? Whenever she looks at it, she'll be reminded of just how much the pages of her own story inspire people, in the same way those of her favorite book inspire her.


Hope-Grace Relief Breast Cancer Pillow

Custom made in a variety of patterns and fillings, this special pillow, designed on Etsy for women who are experiencing uncomfortable pain after having undergone a mastectomy or lymph node removal, attaches to the arm to help keep weight off of the scar area. While these are certainly very helpful directly following such a procedure, these cute, feminine pillows can be used for a long time after.

DIY Chain-Wrapped Pink Earrings

These adorable do-it-yourself pink-studded earrings are easy to assemble, and the finished product is a durable piece of jewelry she can wear with pride as a token of her accomplishment and love from her biggest supporters.