Selected Works of Charles R. Knight

on March 14, 2012

'Leaping Laelops'

Knight's 1897 painting of fighting dryptsaurs was inspired by the work of pioneering paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope.

An Iconic Confrontation

'T. Rex Confronts Triceratops' is a large mural in the Field Museum in Chicago. Ever since it was painted in the 1930s, this image has been borrowed, copied and reproduced countless times in textbooks, comics and movies.

T. Rex

Knight's early 1900s painting a tyrant lizard highlights its monstrous head with a splash of sunlight.

The Missing Mammoths

This classic mural (first painted in 1920 and restored in 1994) from the American Museum of Natural History, depicts a Cro-Magnon artist painting mammoths at the entrance of the cave Font-D-Gaume.

Mammoths On Parade

Knight's immense panorama of a herd of wooly mammoths marching through the snow was painted in 1916 for the Hall of the Age of Man at the American Museum.

'Charles R. Knight: The Artist Who Saw Through Time'

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