‘Fan Favorites’ Classic TV Episodes

on April 27, 2012

Happy Days

Fans of “Happy Days” couldn’t get enough of the Fonz becoming part of the Cunningham household as the show’s season three episode “Fonzie Moves In” garnered 43% of the vote. Other episodes include “All The Way,” “Fonzie Drops In,” “Guess Who’s Coming To Christmas” and “Richie’s Flip Side.”


From a farcical ski trip fraught with sexual tension to a radio drama that goes on the fritz because of Dr. Crane’s ego, some of the show’s finer moments are here in these eight episodes about a psychiatric expert who’s always in over his head! Fans selected “Ski Lodge,” about the romantic follies that befall the group on a snowy weekend getaway, as their favorite.

The Honeymooners

A spending spree with a suitcase of counterfeit cash, a bungled scheme to sell a one-in-all kitchen gizmo, a costume contest that gets out of hand---Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, Audrey Meadows and Joyce Randolph star in the classic comedy series about a pair of working-class couples who may live in blue-collar Brooklyn…but their dreams go to the moon!

The Odd Couple

Felix and Oscar’s hilarious turn as game-show contestants was the hands-down fan favorite in the episode called “Password,” included here with seven others (Felix’s insomnia puts Oscar on edge, a redecorating feud tears their apartment apart, a trip into the great outdoors doesn’t turn out so great after all) in this sitcom about two unlikely New York roommates with almost nothing in common.


It’s the bar “where everybody knows your name,” and fans loved the episode from its first season about an elaborate scheme called “Pick a Con, Any Con.” There’s also the memorable pilot, bartender Woody’s two-part wedding, grouchy waitress Carla’s Thanksgiving dinner for the bar’s stray customers, and five other episodes.

Hogan’s Heroes

At the P.O.W. camp known as Stalag 13, Col. Hogan and his fellow Allied prisoners come up with zany schemes to drive their German captors crazy---like paving the way for D-Day, snatching secret plans from right under the commandant’s Nazi nose, and concocting a bold plan to make the Germans think the war has already ended!


TV’s most ingenious action hero uses his mind to outwit a terrorist, evade a deadly assassin, search for a sacred artifact and team up with an arch-nemesis to save an innocent life.