7 Famous Teddy Bears to Melt Your Heart

on September 9, 2015


It's a Beary Special Occasion

From classic childhood favorites to modern adult-geared staples, teddy bears are timeless characters that find a way back into our hearts at every age-there are even entire museums dedicated to these guys. In honor of National Teddy Bear day, and to commemorate all those special cuddly creatures past and present, we've picked our seven favorite teddies from across history and popular culture to give you that warm digital hug you needed today.



Where would we all be without the honey-crazed antics of our favorite silly old bear in the Hundred Acre Wood and his BFF Piglet? If you've been in the business for nearly 90 years like Pooh, you deserve to be the most popular guy around.


Paddington Bear

The cuddly namesake of London's Paddington Station with a distinct taste for marmalade, this adventurous red-hat-topped wanderer traveled from "Darkest Peru" to find his one true home in England-and, you know, in all our hearts.


Corduroy Bear

We've all worn out a copy of Don Freeman's hit classic about a lonely department store bear finding human friendship, and have since been less prone to judge cuddly companions with missing buttons. We're of the opinion that if anyone's to credit for the single-strap overall trend, it's Corduroy.



While he might look like the basic picture of honey-brown fluffiness every kid grew up with at some point, Ted is by far the most colorful member of our cotton-filled hall of famers. He's not always heartwarming like our other contenders, but he sure can manage to turn a frown upside down at any age.


Fozzie Bear

Another notable comic in our lineup, the infamous Muppet, with his brown pork pie hat and polka-dotted necktie, boasts an enviable set of famous playmates and a triple threat repertoire of talents (the fuzzy actor can even sing and dance).



Alright, so maybe the big man in purple wasn't such a nice guy in Toy Story 3, but you have to admit, the Southern drawl, empathetic back story and old man bear cane make him a famous teddy we all hate to love.


Snuggle Bear

Spending money on laundry care got a whole lot easier when Snuggle's iconic teddy mascot became a regular face on the market. Now, Snuggle invites you to #ShareABear through the month of SeptemBEAR-in addition to calling for shared stories, photos and videos of favorite teddy bears, Snuggle is giving away 5,000 teddy bears to kids in need through Random Acts.