Healthy Valentine’s Chocolate Recipes

on February 9, 2012

Banana Chocolate Chip Souffle

Light and airy, this chocolate souffle is the perfect ending to a romantic Valentine’s Day meal. Get the Recipe

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Strawberries and Cream

The piles of fresh berries and chocolaty cake will certainly bring a smile to your sweetie’s face. If desired, drizzle top with thin threads of melted dark chocolate and white chocolate. Get the Recipe

Thyme Angel Food Cake

This herb-flavored Angel Food Cake cries out for a scoop of low-fat strawberry ice cream or yogurt. Get the Recipe

Fresh Cherry Sauce

Pitted whole cherries, floating in a brilliantly colored sauce, make a terrific topping for ice cream, sorbet or cheesecake. For a lighter dessert, ladle the sauce onto shortcakes or pound cake and top with a little vanilla frozen yogurt. Get the Recipe

Cornmeal Cake with Macerated Berries

The cornmeal gives this summery dessert a rustic, Country-style flavor. Never macerated a berry? No worries. It just means your using liquid to break up a food ingredient and release its full flavor. Get the Recipe

Raspberry Fool

When it comes to dessert, observe this golden rule: Stint on fat, never on flavor. Pro tip: Make it thicker and creamier by draining your yogurt. Get the Recipe

No-Cook Chocolate Silk Tarts

Sure, it sounds strange, but tofu makes these tarts creamy as well as healthful. Be sure to use the custard-like silken tofu found vacuum-packed in boxes. Get the Recipe

Chocolate Fudge Pudding

Super-creamy and not too sweet, this pudding uses agave nectar, which is extracted from the wild agave plant and is high in antioxidants. It has a clean sweet flavor and cam be found in natural and specialty stores. It’s also great as a sweetener for tea. Get the Recipe

German Chocolate Angel Pie

With toasted pecans and a coconut topping, we’ve taken the best part of a German Chocolate Cake and created a reduced-fat, super-easy chocolate pie. Get the Recipe

Chocolate Espresso Souffle

This lighter version of a traditional chocolate dessert is bound to impress your guests or your sweetie this Valentine’s Day. Get the Recipe

Chocolate Chai Pudding

Chocolate pudding turns exotic with chai spices and can be made in a moment’s notice in the microwave. Kids can even prepare as an after-school treat. Get the Recipe

Double-Chocolate Mocha Meringues

Fat-free chocolate kisses are light, airy and perfectly acceptable as part of a healthy diet – assuming you don’t eat the entire batch. Get the Recipe

Low-Fat Chocolate Mousse

For a flawless mousse, use room-temperature egg whites for the best results, and thoroughly clean and dry the mixing bowl and beaters before whipping. Get the Recipe