It’s Kentucky Derby Time! 13 New Takes on the Mint Julep

on April 29, 2015

Camille Styles

New Takes on the Mint Julep

Derby season brings several things to mind: Horses, obviously. Big, floppy hats. Lilly Pulitzer. Warm weather. And, most importantly, one boozy classic-the Mint Julep. The Mint Julep has been the staple beverage of the Kentucky Derby for nearly a century, and for very good reason. Wonderfully cool and refreshing, this classic cocktail couldn't be better for race day. But this year, why not take your Julep to the next level with one of these creative adaptations of a quintessential Southern drink?

That's So Michelle

Mint Julep Pudding Shots

We're always happy to fill a dessert with bourbon, and this recipe from That's So Michelle offers the perfect opportunity! Tiny, light, cool and delicious, these adorable shots are sure to be a fast fan favorite at your next Derby party.

Joy the Baker

Mint Julep Watermelon

What could possibly be more refreshing than crisp, juicy watermelon infused with Mint Julep goodness? Joy the Baker offers a delicious recipe for a boozy fruit plate.

Sift and Whisk

Mint Julep Bundt Cake

Great for easy transport to and from Derby-themed festivities, this buttery, moist bundt cake from Sift and Whisk is deeply infused with natural mint flavor.

Spicy Southern Kitchen

Mint Julep Brownies

Spicy Southern Kitchen flavors these decadent brownies with bourbon and mint-and tops them off with a luscious chocolate frosting. What's not to love?

Ruffled Blog

Sparking Peach Mint Julep

This elegant take from Ruffled Blog incorporates cool peach sorbet and a gorgeous ring of gold sugar on the rim. Talk about decadent!

Biscuits and Such

Mint Julep Sorbet

Another sweet sorbet-centric recipe, this one from Biscuits and Such, is subtle, sweet, and an absolute breeze to make-perfect for cooling off on hot Derby afternoons.

Shrimp Salad Circus

Mint Julep Cookies

Shrimp Salad Circus suggests the following method for enjoying these cookies during the Derby: Pick the horse with the cutest name. If your horse wins, celebrate with some cookies. If your horse loses, drown your sorrows in some cookies.

A Farm Girl's Dabbles

Pineapple Mint Julep Sangria

The traditional Mint Julep goes tropical in this fruity recipe from A Farm Girl's Dabbles. Even if you can't make it to the race, you'll still be able to treat yourself with this sweet, refreshing drink all summer long.


Mint Julep Grilled Peaches

Food52 combines the Mint Julep with another Southern classic: grilled peaches. The result? An addictive mixture of bourbon and mint, peach and brown sugar.

Simply Recipes

Mint Julep Ice Cream

Guest author Garret McCord shares with Simply Recipes an ice cream recipe with chill-inducing mint and slightly spicy bourbon that's perfect for those hot, humid Southern nights.

Fake Food Freeu00a0

Mint Julep Blondies

Bourbon mint buttercream frosting? Fake Food Free doesn't have to try very hard to sell us on this sweet julep-inspired treat.

Honestly Yum

Mint Julep Popsicles

Popsicles are the ultimate fun summertime dessert from your childhood. These tempting ones from Honestly Yum make the classic treat adult-friendly with the addition of bourbon.

Miss in the Kitchen

Blackberry Mint Julep

It's blackberry season, so why not take advantage of the fresh, juicy berry haul by incorporating them into your Mint Julep? Miss in the Kitchen capitalizes on seasonality for a seriously delicious cocktail.