16 of America’s Most Unique Hotels

on August 6, 2015


This Isn't the Holiday Inn

At the end of a big vacation day, where you lay your head is really what matters. Sometimes you just need that extra pillow to help unwind. An exciting hotel is half the vacation experience after all. These wacky hotels feature everything from ghost tours, bedrooms in caves, tree houses, and more! Here are our top 16 picks for unique lodging destinations in the U.S.

Crozier Photography | treehousepoint.com

Treehouse Point in Fall City, WA

Swiss Family Robinson, anyone? At this treetop getaway, you can actually stay in tree houses! Just 30 minutes outside of Seattle, this bungalow allows you to escape into the woods of the lush Pacific Northwest. Nothing could be more tranquil and inviting for nature-lovers!

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The Saguaro in Palm Springs, CA

Looking for a pop of color? This hotel is about as vibrant as it gets with its bold color palette inspired by native desert flowers and Mexican fabrics. The hotel boasts beautiful desert views, towering palm trees, a giant oasis-like pool, and midcentury technicolor design unlike nothing you've ever seen!

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El Cosmico in Marfa, TX

In the middle of the vast Texas desert, you can sleep beneath the wide-open, starry skies at El Cosmico. In your choice of a tent, trailer, teepee, or yurt, embrace your inner bohemian in one of the most psychedelic, Southwest-styled getaways around. Not to mention the available bikes, hammocks, and wood-fired hot tubs.

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The Dog Bark Park Inn at Cottonwood, ID

Dog-enthusiasts, here is your dream destination. At this B & B, you have the chance to sleep inside a giant dog-shaped building, surrounded by doggie decor. Plus, fido is invited to stay too! Home of the world's biggest beagles (the rooms), Toby and Sweet Willy, this mom and pop operation is truly something to howl about!

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The Liberty Hotel in Boston, MA

A night in prison isn't so bad when you're staying at The Liberty in Boston. That's right, this hotel was once the iconic Charles Street Jail and now functions as a lavish, remarkable hotel designed with original ironwork architecture. Not too bad for a night behind bars.

(Disclaimer: you don't actually sleep in a jail cell. It's a luxury hotel, for Pete's sake.)

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Beckham Creek Cave Lodge in Parthenon, AK

If you've secretly always wanted to be a caveman (or just so happen to really like caves), this cavern is the place to be. This stunning hotel thrives on its truly organic architecture, and you get to spend the night in a secluded nook deep inside a giant cave! Don't let that scare you, though. It is a fully-lit, gorgeous place that lets you experience one of nature's wonders (minus any bats or cave-dwelling beasts).

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The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA

All aboard! With original 1930s artwork and design, this once world-class ocean liner is now a spectacular hotel! Step back in time to experience the lifestyle of transatlantic travel during the 1930s-50s. Accommodations even feature fully functioning port-holes. Tons of famous people stayed on board back when the ship sailed the Atlantic, so lodging here makes you practically famous. Take caution: the ship is also rumored to be haunted.

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The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO

Speaking of spooky spaces, The Stanley Hotel is one of America's most haunted hotels and is known as Stephen King's inspiration for The Shining. This hotel transports you back to the early 1900s with its gorgeous design, yet it can be a bit terrifying just knowing you have to sleep in a haunted hotel. Also, the hotel is designed like a maze, so getting lost is quite easy. Not to mention the fear that something could be hiding around the next corner... Don't let that deter you, thoughu2013it's worth the stay.

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Library Hotel in New York City, NY

Literature lovers, bookworms, and library dwellers, gather 'round! You might've slept in the library in college, but here you can stay amongst the books without waking up for class in the morning. Surrounded by the scent of old books and freshly printed pages, you can visit the hotel's Writer's Den, Poetry Garden, and Bookmark's Lounge or spend the night in a room marked by the Dewey Decimal system.

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Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast Resort in Nice, CA

Another unique hotel experience, the Featherbed is a B & B that lets you stay overnight in railway cars. Inside each vintage caboose, the bedrooms are decorated and themed differently and, like the name, all have real goose down featherbeds. Situated in rural Northern California, this quaint B & B is surrounded by a park with a boat launch, pier, and beach. Sounds like a stress-free and unforgettable experience!

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Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, FL

Dive on in, because "darling, it's better down where it's wetter...under the sea!" This hotel's bedrooms are fully submerged 21 feet below the surface in a deep lagoon, meaning you actually have to scuba dive down to your room. The rooms are stocked with food and drinks, and the hotel delivers your pizza under water! If you're SCUBA certified, this hotel is just the right place for you!

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Crowne Plaza at Historic Union Station in Indianapolis, IN

Smack dab in the middle of renovated Historic Union Station is a 4-star hotel built around beautiful architecture of the old train station. You have the option of staying in a train car hotel room or a modern, more upscale type of room. Make sure to visit the Grand Hall ballroom (featured above) to experience the grandiose architecture of the station or head to the indoor pool, which spans under vast iron beams.

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Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, NV

Of course Vegas has some of the most spectacular hotels and casinos in Americau2013it is practically an adult Disney World. Located on the shining Strip, The Venetian is an Italian Renaissance-style hotel modeled after the city of Venice, with indoor canals under a faux sky ceiling, giant paintings and murals, Venetian architecture, and more! If you adore luxurious Italian charms and romance, this is one spot you've gotta see!

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Dunton Hot Springs in Dunton, CO

The idea of an old cowboy town in the wild West is truly an American one, and here you can live in that reality. Deep in the San Juan Mountains portion of the Rockies lies this village-like resort of cabins and tents. Their site explains that the "restored ghost town thrives on contradictions" with its rustic lifestyle combined with luxuries like spa treatments, hot springs, and internet. What more could you want?

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Volcano House in Hawaii National Park, HI

That, my friends, is not a sunset. Welcome to the Volcano House, where you can stay right on the edge of a volcanic crater in historic Hawaii Volcanos National Park. Specifically, it overlooks Halema'uma'u Crater at the summit of Kilauea. At night, the volcano glows of deep red lava, and by day, hot smoke and steam rises above the tropical treetops. Now that is a true Hawaiian experience.

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East Brother Light Station in Richmond, CA

On a Northern California island in the strait that separates San Francisco and San Pablo Bays sits a lovely lighthouse B & B. East Brother Light Station is a perfect secluded destination for a romantic getaway or a relaxing retreat. Plus, you can get gourmet meals at the island restaurant and a 360u00b0 view of amazing scenery along with some of the best sunsets.

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