‘Mountain’ Book Review

on November 18, 2011
Kurt Markus, 2002

The Grand Canyon

2,600 feet, Arizona

Mark A. Paulda, 2010


7,177 feet, New Mexico

Luca Glustozzi, 2010


10,968 feet, Italy

Lynn Davis, 1988-2007

Disko Bay, Greenland

Gelatin silver enlargement print

Kristian Pletten, 2010

Vik Mountain

Voss, Norway

Jane English, 2000

Lenticular Cloud

14,197 feet, Mount Shasta, Southern Cascade Mountains, California

Bill Gilbert, early 1990s

Bozeman Pass

Alex Lowe at 5,819 feet in Bozeman Pass, Bridger and Gallatin Ranges, Montana

Beth Wald, 2008

Little Pamirs

Badakshan, Afghanistan

Philippos Margaritis


585 feet, Athens, Greece

Beth Wald, 2007


9,186 feet, Hazarajat, Afghanistan


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