New Year’s Eve Appetizers

on December 29, 2011

Deep in the Woods Beef and Sausage Dip

Everyone will remember this wholesome, meaty dip. With beans, sausage and ground beef, this appetizer packs all the protein you need! Get the Recipe

Walnut Beet Salad

Behold the mighty beet on full display. Toasted walnuts, honey and Dijon mustard come to a fever pitch of flavor evoking the beet’s inherent sweetness. Get the Recipe

Fancy Covered Meatballs

Crescent rolls add a unique texture to this hearty appetizer. Get the Recipe

Garlic Cheese Rolls

Three cheeses and chili powder combine to create a strong, savory taste. Garlic stars, supported by warm pecans. Your guests will love it. Get the Recipe

Italian Peppers

You and your family will enjoy this perennial favorite. Hearty sausage and fun elbow macaroni provide texture and draw flavor from the red and green bell peppers. Get the Recipe

Shrimp and Pasta Salad

Enjoy this flavorful and colorful mix of shrimp and shell pasta. It is like a beach escape on your plate! Get the Recipe

Spiced Sweet Potato Soup

Your guests will instantly warm up eating this creamy appetizer. Enjoy the cinnamon taste and pure aromatic joy that comes from eating a sweet potato soup. Get the Recipe

Spinach Balls

Blow your guests away with this spinach treat. Garlic powder and herb stuffing create a powerful flavor you will not forget. Get the Recipe

Sweet Cinnamon Chips with Fruit Salsa

Liven up the night with this sweet and spicy dish. Baked flour tortillas give this appetizer a distinctive crunch. Get the Recipe

Swiss Cheese Appetizers

This mouthwatering combination of Swiss cheese, black olives and green olives all on rye bread is sure to be a hit at any party. Get the Recipe

Whole-Wheat Linguine with Arugula and Shallots

Satisfy the pasta-lover at your party by serving this fresh dish. This cheesy blend of pasta and leafy greens is a real crowd-pleaser. Get the Recipe

Chocolate Pots de Créme

Who says the night has to end with dessert? Wow your guests with this perfect holiday chocolate treat. Coffee provides a distinctive taste; it is almost like eating a mocha! Get the Recipe