15 Stunning Red, White and Blue Recipes for Summer

on June 11, 2015

Honey & Jam

Summer Stunners

Summer is, hands down, our favorite time for patriotic displays. Red and blue berries are in season, and between Memorial Day, Flag Day and the Fourth of July? There's no excuse not to jump on the bandwagon at every opportunity.

While we certainly agree there's a time and place for jello salad and flag cakes-although, be careful your attempts don't turn out like these-we think that with a little imagination, thematic displays can be downright elegant. Peruse these dishes with accents of red, white and blue that will blend seamlessly into the summer party circuit.

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Walnut Raspberry Ice Cream

There's no time like summer to indulge in sweet ice cream dotted with fresh, ripe raspberries. And actually, this recipe requires no cream, no ice cream maker and is surprisingly healthy.

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Blackberry Martini

The gradients of this deeply hued drink will pop against any warm-weather backdrop. Enjoy the fresh taste of basil, blackberry jam and lime juice in your gin for a classy, understated patriotic celebration.

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Cherry Hand Pies

It doesn't get more quintessentially American than homemade cherry pie. This adorably hand-held variety-perfect for no-fuss outdoor gatherings-shows off just a peek of the sweet cherry filling.

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Lemon Blueberry Cake

Slice into this dessert to find it studded with vibrant fresh blueberries. The flavor contrast of white cream frosting and tart lemon cake make for a complex, refreshing addition to any warm-weather dessert table.

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Beetroot and Fennel Risotto

Feeling adventurous? Try this crimson beetroot risotto topped with creamy goat's feta for a show-stopping but health-conscious red dish. Loved it so much you want to try a similar dish? Check out this variation on beetroot risotto.

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Salt-Baked Trout

This trout dish is the perfect way to work some protein into your color scheme. Serve on a steel blue dish to bring out the hues in this chic salt-baked trout recipe from Food & Wine.

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Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

C'mon outside, sip some lemonade on the veranda and enjoy a bowlful of this decadent cheesecake ice cream. Warning: you may have sweet blueberry and sticky ice cream running down your chin. It's that irresistible.

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Honey Balsamic Strawberry Galette

Fresh summer strawberries baked into a rustic galette? Yes, please. This French pastry is a simple, grown-up dessert perfectly suited for your next summer soiree.

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Pistachio Pavlova with Strawberry and Rhubarb Cream

What's classier than pavlova? The clean white meringue base is topped with natural red hues, courtesy of strawberries and rhubarb. This dish is sure to impress.

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Sour Cherry & Hazelnut Eton Mess

Did your pavlovas fail? Here's a secret: make eton mess instead. This recipe features hazelnut meringue with coconut whipped cream and bright red, sour cherries.

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Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake

Take all the nostalgia of evenings spent fireside with friends and family, and blend them into this to-die-for shake. Garnish with a classic striped red straw to add a patriotic twist.

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Radicchio Cups with Borlotti Beans and Tuna

If your budget is low but you're still looking to impress, look no further. This recipe is a hit with guests (that won't hit your wallet). And how gorgeous are those vibrant radicchio cups?

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Beet Hummus

While this beet hummus verges on magenta, we still find it fitting for a subtle nod to an all-American occasion. It's a beautiful, standout dip for any gathering.

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Vegan Earl Grey Cupcakes

Take a pass on the vibrantly red, white and blue cupcakes for understated (but delicious) vegan cupcakes. These white treats will compliment any decor, and don't let the "vegan" aspect steer you clear-these cupcakes are to die for. Still after a pop of color? Garnish with your favorite berries!

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Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Lamb

This dish pairs lamb with a whole roasted cauliflower and finishes with parsley, pine nuts and pops of red pomegranate seeds. This makes for an elegant, unique and visually interesting way to present a rich meat dish during the hot summer months.

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Beet Ravioli

The slightly translucent ravioli of this dish reveals a beetroot red that is only fully realized upon the first bite. This dish is ideal for your next sit-down-dinner affair.

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