10 Immortal TV Friendships

on August 6, 2015


Thank You for Being a Friend

Friends play vastly important roles in our lives, lending flavor to the day-to-day and supporting us like no one else can. The same goes for the ever-relatable characters from our favorite TV shows—what would those beloved sitcoms be without some knuckleheaded hijinx at the behest of our prime time pals? Here are 10 friendships that stood the on-air test of time, forever immortalized in our hearts as ultimate BFF goals.

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Laverne & Shirley

Count on these bachelorette buddies (and their dimwitted neighbors, Lenny and Squiggy) for a good laugh and a shoulder to lean on. One romantic misstep after another and ample social humiliation can\'t tarnish the golden friendship between darling duo Laverne & Shirley. They\'re gonna make all their dreams come true—and yours, too!

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Andy & Barney

Andy Griffith: protector of The Andy Griffith Show\'s small-town Mayberry. Barney Fife: the well-meaning but bumbling sidekick deputy whose best friend – next to Sheriff Andy – is his badge. Together, these two make sure Mayberry\'s citizens could sleep soundly, all while filling the viewer\'s heart with nostalgic pining for that simpler time.

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Lucy & Ethel

Nothing says friendship quite like starstruck spying over dinner in the spirit of I Love Lucy\'s leading ladies, Lucy and Ethel. From chocolate factory chaos to accidental meat freezer imprisonment, these flighty friends will go down in history as two of the looniest and most lovable friends around.


Gilligan & Skipper

Now, sit right back and you\'ll hear a tale—a tale of friendship and survival (mostly the latter) between the \"brave and sure\" Skipper and his lovable little buddy on Gilligan\'s Island. Gilligan, naive sole crewman on the shipwrecked SS Minnow, is endearing in spite of his unintentional and frequent foiling of the castaways\' attempts to be rescued. Skipper, though usually infuriated at the sailor\'s missteps, assumes the role of father figure and fearless leader, making these two the perfect comedic pair.


Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy & Rose

The Golden Girls deserves credit for reiterating the importance of lasting friendships among women, highlighted by Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia\'s romantic disappointments and various trials throughout the show—and don\'t forget the subsequent heartfelt gal pal time, known to be the healer of all wounds. Along with a healthy sprinkling of Sophia\'s quick-witted commentary, the ladies\' love for one another and affectionate teasing brings even the most dramatic moments from the series to a warm, feel-good level that welcomes the audience right in as part of the family.

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Jack, Crissy & Janet

While Cindy and Terri played their parts in rounding out the roommate trifecta in later seasons of Three\'s Company, the original \"hers and hers and his\" trio goes down in the books for pioneering the city-dwelling \"young adult trying to figure it out\" genre. (Yep, they rocked those bell bottoms around the ever-suspicious Mr. Roper\'s apartment building long before Friends or Girls arrived on the small screen scene.) With a focus on the platonic relationships that evolved between the renters, the show gave us three of the most supportive and hilarious friends television has ever known.

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Will & Carlton

Smooth-talker Will and his preppy cousin Carlton showed The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fans what it truly meant to be family. Though the two frequently antagonized one another in early seasons and their lifestyles clashed due to their vastly different upbringings, the two slowly gained an appreciation for each other, with each regarding the other as the brother he never had.


D.J. & Kimmy

When she isn\'t participating in her family\'s weekly roller derby night, Kimmy Gibbler hops the backyard fence to get in on the Full House fun with eldest daughter D.J. Tanneru2013and to annoy Uncle Jesse. Though she often serves as a foil to D.J.\'s good character traits – illustrating dangers such as drinking and hasty marriage to dimwitted boyfriends – Kimmy\'s good nature and wacky ensembles bring humor to situations that could otherwise take a dark turn. Everywhere you look, Kimmy is there to lend a healthy dose of mischief to the Tanner home.

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Fred & Barney

The Flintstones patriarch, Fred, and his pal Barney Rubble are two Bedrock buddies we won\'t soon forget. Though Fred\'s hot temper often leads to disagreements, Barney\'s mild, goofball nature complements the cave-dwelling series star far too well for fraternal bonds to be broken. No feud can ever tear this yabba dabba duo apart.


Bert & Ernie

Despite their very different personalities, Muppets Bert & Ernie make the list of greatest TV friends for their beloved Sesame Street banter. Leave it to Ernie to infuriate Bert with yet another hair-brained notion, but you can bet these puppet pals will reconcile by the episode\'s end.