Top 8 Bloggers to Follow for School Year Inspiration

on August 18, 2015

Schooling the Back-to-School Transition

Like any other major annual event, such as Christmas or Tax Day, kicking off another school year is a time of equal parts anticipation and anxietyu2013not just for kids. It's no secret that the transition from the lull of summer to the hyperspeed pace of school season is overwhelming to parents as well. (Let's be honest, kids aren't the ones losing sleep over lunch-planning, supply buying, carpool scheduling and event coordinating).

In an effort to make the blur of pencils, backpacks and paperwork feel like less of a struggle and more of an adventure, we've rounded up eight of our favorite parenting blog experts from around the web and their sure-fire tricks for mastering the challenge and helping your kids succeed.

The Educators' Spin On It

Who better to look to for back-to-school parenting tips than two teachers-turned-stay-at-home moms? Certified educators Kim Vij and Amanda Boyarshinov pull out all their resources to share tips from getting crafty with school lunches to preparing both yourself and your child for the mixed emotions getting back to the grind brings.

You can find the blog here.

Michelle Corinne Photography

The Intentional Mom

Sometimes thinking toward the future is just as important as remaining in the present-especially where an exploding calendar is concerned. Jennifer from The Intentional Mom shares her forward-focused advice when it comes to organizing a calendar system that actually works, pre-scheduling appointments and anticipated maintenance work around the house, and developing a routine that'll leave you with most of your hair still on your head at the end of the day.

You can find the blog here.

Diane Nassy


As a mother who works from home full-time, lifestyle family blogger Diane Nassy knows a thing or two about managing a hectic schedule in the midst of a crazy school year transition. Diane offers great tips ranging from keeping your kids healthy during the back-to-school period to making the most of preparing for the first several weeks. Also, check out her Back to School Pinterest board for more fun inspiration, including school supply DIY crafting.

You can find the blog here.

Another Day Another Diaper

Parenting blogger Michelle's website is worth the visit for overstressed parents if not only for her refreshingly honest voice regarding motherhood and its challenges. She tackles subjects such as handling the back-to-school transition for little ones with lighthearted humor, relaying down-to-earth opinions on the important things, like effort-free breakfast suggestions and books guaranteed to quell back-to-school nerves.

You can find the blog here.

Mocha Dad

While mommy blogs are often the go-to for back-to-school prep, we have to give a shout out to Frederick J. Gooddall for providing a voice for all the proactive dads out there. This website, taglined "one father's quest to be a better dad," answers questions you didn't even know you had, like how a combination lock can help cure middle school anxiety, or the easiest hacks to back-to-school clothes shopping. Each post ends with a "join the conversation" section, encouraging parents to communicate actively and share ideas.

You can find the blog here.

The Pleasantest Thing

The Pleasant Thing takes the tired old conversation of heading back to school and adds a dash of creativity, covered in fun, simple ideas for crafts and games that add a little more color and variety to the monotonous and hectic transition. Mom blogger Carolyn also features a great throwback post detailing a list of back-to-school traditions every parent-kid duo should establish at the start of a new year.

You can find the blog here.

Mama Smiles

Full of craft ideas, planning tips, lunch ideas and education enhancers, Mama Smiles provides comprehensive insight into ways both parents and kids can stay active while having fun throughout the school year. The best part? Author MaryAnne partners with several other education-based mom bloggers each Monday to introduce after school activity ideas.

You can find the blog here.

Staci Gerardi

November Sunflower

The back-to-school mindset doesn't have to rest solely on meticulous preparation and scheduling, and blogger Staci Gerardi's fun-filled advice on parent-approved back-to-school fashions is the breath of stress-free fresh air everyone dealing with the transition could use.

You can find the blog here.